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Nettles Hikes & Workshops
Our native plant hikes and edible mushroom forays explore northwest Oregon and beyond. We visit our favorite places at peak times, encountering orchids in bloom and fungi in flush. These trips are educational and experiential.

The herbalism workshops span a broad range of topics. Some provide hands-on experience in gathering and crafting homemade herbal remedies; other classes explore the materia medica of a certain condition or season. Among our offerings for 2015 are:

August Bark-About!
Sunday, August 9th, 9am-5pm
  - with Missy Rohs & Candace Larson
Join Missy Rohs and Candace Larson for a hike to the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale area. As a part of this logging project, the Forest Service proposes to build 12 miles of roads, many of them through stands of mature, native forest. We'll scramble through one of these proposed routes, and see firsthand why road construction is so destructive to forest ecology. We'll also hike a section of the beautiful Tilly Jane and Polallie Ridge trails, learn about the first aid uses of forest plants, and talk about opportunities to volunteer with Bark protecting the forests, waters and wildlife of Mt. Hood National Forest.
This class is a FREE hike thanks to BARK. Please see for hike details.

Ganoderma Mushroom! Mushrooms & Medicinals
Saturday, October 3rd, 10am-5pm
  - with Missy Rohs
The hunt is on! Each autumn, a spectacular array of fungi unfolds before us. Join us in a hunt for tasty edible mushrooms, such as Chanterelles, as well as an exploration of the medicinal plants such as Oregon Grape and Red Cedar that abound in the same habitat. If we get lucky, you’ll come home with a basket of tasty treats!
Carpool will leave SE Portland.
Cost: $40, sliding scale available.
Registration required by Sept. 28th, email missy -at-

Oregon Grape Medicinal Roots
Saturday, October 3rd, 11am-12pm
  - with Gradey Proctor
Join Gradey in an exploration of medicinal roots. Looking at plants like Echinacea, Marshmallow, and other easy-care medicinals he'll discuss proper identification, cultivation, harvesting, and dividing roots for medicine and propagation.
This Class is free thanks to Portland Nursery at 9000 SE Division! Please register with them at

I eat bugs! Hunting for Mushrooms
Sunday, October 4th, 10am-5pm
  - with Gradey Proctor
Playing in the rain beneath giant conifers while seeking out edible delights – that’s what this day is all about! Hopefully, Chanterelles and Lobsters will grace us with their delectable presence. On top of that, we’ll discuss all the ecological functions of fabulous fungi, and learn useful identification tips.
Carpool will leave SE Portland.
Cost: $40, sliding scale available.
Registration required by Sept. 30th, email gradey -at-

Make Your Own Mead Using Medicinal Plants!
Sunday, October 18th, 3pm-6pm
  - with David Beer & Missy Rohs
Whether you're driven by a desire for self-sufficiency or by a playful palate, making your own mead is delicious, fun, and rewarding! Learn tips and tricks gleaned from David's decades of experience, taste divine honey wines flavored with aromatic and medicinal herbs, and get hands-on experience making a batch from scratch. Missy will serve up samples, light snacks, and helpful information about healing herbs.
Class will be held in SE Portland.
Cost: $50, sliding scale available.
Registration required by Oct. 14th, email missy -at-

Mullen in Bloom Garden Medicinals for Shifting Seasons
Saturday, October 24th, 11am-12:30pm
  - with Missy Rohs
As we adjust to the damp, chilly days and turn our heaters on, what herbs can we use to support emotional health and vigorous immune function? Learn how to work with some great plant allies that may already be growing in your garden.
This Class is free thanks to Portland Nursery at 9000 SE Division! Please register with them at

Multi-day Programs

Herbalism in the Home
Thursdays, October 8th-29th, 10am-1pm
  - with Missy Rohs
This fun, hands-on series is aimed at those who want to incorporate healing herbs into their everyday life. Emphasis is on the practical, accessible, and useful. Each day, we'll make a different herbal product to take home, and learn about medicinal plants that may literally be found at your doorstep or in your kitchen cabinet. Along the way, you'll also pick up different resources and techniques to expand your DIY repertoire. Perfect for aspiring kitchen witches, backyard gardeners, crafters, and caregivers. This autumn's focus will include herbs for colds, immunity, and the heart.
Class will be held in SE Portland.
Cost: $160.
To register, email missy -at- by October 3rd.

~ 2015 Plant Medicine Programs ~
We are thrilled to offer two in-depth programs in 2015 that combine botany and herbalism, wildcrafting and medicine making. Herbalism & Ecosystems is our popular 132-hour introductory course, spanning eleven weekends from March through October. Spreading Our Roots takes our adventures at home and in the field to the next level, and is designed for intermediate students. It meets for 70+ hours, April through November.

To register for workshops or hikes, or to inquire about customized classes,
contact or call 503-234-8996.

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