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Nettles Hikes & Workshops
Our native plant hikes and edible mushroom forays explore northwest Oregon and beyond. We visit our favorite places at peak times, encountering orchids in bloom and fungi in flush. These trips are educational and experiential.

The herbalism workshops span a broad range of topics. Some provide hands-on experience in gathering and crafting homemade herbal remedies; other classes explore the materia medica of a certain condition or season. Among our offerings for 2015 are:

Mullen in Bloom Medicinal & Edible Flowers for the Garden
Sunday, March 15th, 1pm-2:30pm
  - with Missy Rohs
As you plan your garden for the year, why not include some gorgeous medicinal plants? In this free presentation, we will discuss the healing properties and edible uses of ten fabulous flowers that thrive in Pacific Northwest yards, including harvest and preparation tips.
Class will be held at Division St. Portland Nursery (9000 SE Division).
This Class is free thanks to Portland Nursery! Register at

I eat bugs! Plants of the Siskiyous
Thursday, May 28th – Sunday, May 31st
  - with Gradey Proctor
Join us for an amazing adventure in the Siskiyou bioregion – hands down the most botanically diverse area in the western United States. Spend four days exploring this wild and scenic land, reviewing botany basics, wildcrafting, medicine making, and working with advanced plant identification keys. Day trips will showcase the unique convergence of ecosystems to be found in this area.
Meet new plants like the dramatic carnivorous Pitcher Plant and the stunning orchid California Lady Slipper, and spend some quality time with southern Oregon medicinals such as Yerba Santa, Aralia, and Balsam Root. Between plant walks we’ll settle in the shade for class, engage in round-table discussions, or go jump in a river!
Cost: $250. Registration required by May 20th.
Email with questions or for registration details.

Multi-day Programs

Ethical Wildcrafting: a course for herbalists, foragers, and rewilders
Five Fridays, 8:30am-6pm (3/27, 4/17, 5/8, 6/5, & 7/10)
  - with Missy Rohs
This course lays a comprehensive foundation for ethical wildcrafting in the Pacific Northwest. Students are introduced to the components of native ecosystems and guided through the critical basics of botanical identification. The heart of foraging responsibly -- with minimal impact on the ecosystem and the plant -- is covered from multiple angles. Along the way, we discuss medicinal and edible properties of the plants that we encounter, and cover optimal methods for drying and storage.
Those who will find this program useful include: naturalists interested in learning medicinal plants; herbalists expanding their PNW native materia medica; urban foragers wanting to learn responsible wildcrafting; naturopaths longing to meet the plants in their medicinary; and anyone looking to deepen their sense of place.
Cost: $425. Class size is limited.
To apply, email missy -at- Deadline to register is March 20th.

Herbalism in the Home
Four Thursdays, 10am-1pm (April 2, 9, 16, & 23)
  - with Missy Rohs
This fun, hands-on series is aimed at those who want to incorporate healing herbs into their everyday life. Emphasis is on the practical, accessible, and useful. For the April classes, we'll be focusing on respiratory remedies, achy muscles, and herbal hygiene products. Each day, we'll make a different herbal product to take home, and learn about medicinal plants that may literally be found at your doorstep or in your kitchen cabinet. Along the way, you'll also pick up different resources and techniques to expand your DIY repertoire.
Cost: $160.
To register, email missy -at- Deadline to register is March 26th.

Botanizing the Columbia Gorge
Three Thursdays, 9am-6pm: April 9th, 16th, & 23rd.
  - with Gradey Proctor
In this advanced botany series, we will explore the amazing Columbia River Gorge. On each outing, we will spend time meeting the early spring bloomers in three very different ecosystems - one day on the west side, the oak-pine community further east and then a day amongst the sagebrush. This series is for folks with some botanical identification background who want to expand their skills as well as review botany, major plant families, plant associations, as well as the edible and medicinal uses.
Cost: $150. Class size is very limited.
Registration required by April 4th. Email to register.

Gardening for Medicine
Six Saturdays, 10am-4pm (5/9, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15, 9/12, & 10/17)
  - with Gradey Proctor
In this series, we’ll spend our days learning in an established herb garden throughout the season. Each class we will be tending the plants and learning when and how to harvest them for medicine. We will discuss basic gardening techniques, such as dividing and seed saving, so that participants will have plants to take home as well as the knowledge to continue their lineage in their own gardens. We will also spend our last hour inside and cover basic medicinal preparations. Students will harvest an abundance of medicinal herbs to take home for personal use, CSA-style.
Cost: $450. Class size is extremely limited.
To schedule an interview, email

~ 2015 Plant Medicine Programs ~
We are thrilled to offer two in-depth programs in 2015 that combine botany and herbalism, wildcrafting and medicine making. Herbalism & Ecosystems is our popular 132-hour introductory course, spanning eleven weekends from March through October. Spreading Our Roots takes our adventures at home and in the field to the next level, and is designed for intermediate students. It meets for 70+ hours, April through November.

To register for workshops or hikes, or to inquire about customized classes,
contact or call 503-234-8996.

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