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The Developing a Sense of Place course is designed for students who want to see beyond the green, to properly identify the plants, the fungi, and the place.  From the interconnections beneath our feet to the winged seeds in the air, we will seek new ways to engage this world we live in.  Through science, magic, and experiential exercises, we’ll create meaningful connections to the land. 

Our journey will begin by exploring the major plants of the Northwest and the botanical terminology we need to see the plants in new ways.  We will use this understanding to see how each plant is interacting with its world, how the world is interacting with each plant, and how this all relates to us as a species utilizing plants for food and medicine.

In our second block, we will explore ecological concepts to see what the diverse plant communities can tell us about place and change.  Through the lens of herbal medicine, we’ll also discuss the evolutionary relationship of plants, the chemistry they use to engage their world, and how that information can help us in our lives.  

With all this knowledge in place, we will talk about the ways we can forage and wildcraft with the health of the plant and the ecosystem in the fore.  More importantly, we will explore ways that we can give back to the forest and build meaningful relationships with the places we find ourselves.  We will also learn to take advantage of human impacts like logging to find medicine and we'll investigate the new realities that are being created for gathering medicine.

In the fall, we will explore what is going on beneath our feet by delving deeply into the world of fungi.  We will learn how to identify mushrooms and how to determine their edibility.  All the knowledge built in previous classes will help us find the mushrooms we seek!  In addition, we will explore how the forest is navigating through mycelial relationships and use this as inspiration to learn some basic map and compass skills so that we can stay safe and comfortable in the field. 

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This course is taught by Gradey Proctor.  It will meet twelve Fridays, April through October, for a total of over 80 hours of field time.

The total cost is $1050, with a discount offered for pre-payment in full.  A payment plan is available.  There is a small scholarship available to BIPOC students and LGBTQI students; please inquire for details.


Developing a sense of place 2019 dates:

Seeing through the Green (Botanical Basics)
April 26, May 3, & May 10

Listening to the Landscape (Ecology and Evolution)
June 14, June 21, & June 28

Building Relationships with the Land (Wildcrafting and Giving Back)
August 2, August 9, & August 16

Interconnections and Navigation (Mushrooms and Lichens)
October 11, October 18, & October 25

Class is held from 10am-5pm on Fridays. On field trips, we'll carpool to our destination, which will add additional time to the day.  We will be traveling from the valley to the forests east of the Cascades.


Developing a Sense of Place: Join Us!

If you’d like to join us on this adventure, let us know! Registration is now open. The class size will be limited, so we encourage you to schedule your interview now.