In this series, we’ll spend our days learning in an established herb garden throughout the cultivating season.  Each class, we will tend to an array of medicinal plants as we explore the permaculture principles of garden design, discuss when and how to gather our medicine, and cover how to keep our plants happy throughout the year. We will cover key gardening techniques, such as root dividing, taking cuttings, and seed saving, giving students the tools to propogate their  own living backyard apothecary.  Participants will also learn how to make a wide variety of herbal preparations with our bounty, including tinctures, salves, syrups, and mineral-rich infusions.  The unique healing properties and usages of the plants we work with will be covered as we make medicine and grow our bountiful gardens.

Participants can expect to take home plant starts, seeds, or cuttings for each medicinal plant we cover as well as tons of information to maintain their own medicinal landscape. Each month, we’ll harvest seasonal herbs to take home, CSA-style, as well as create a different medicinal preparation with one of our focus plants. This course is designed to stock the medicine cabinet as well as give students the herbs, skills, and knowledge to create and grow their own backyard apothecary. All gardening and herbal backgrounds are welcome! 

Gardening for Medicine is taught by Gradey Proctor.  It meets Saturdays from 10am-4:30pm for a total of approximately 40 hours.  The cost, including abundant herbal harvest and plant starts, is $625.


Gardening for medicine 2018 dates:

Gardening for Medicine 2018 dates will be announced shortly!  We will meet monthly, May-October.

Gardening for Medicine: Register

Our 2017 course is in progress!  Please check back in November to register for our 2018 course.  In the meantime, get in touch with Gradey through his Medicine Garden project to check out mini-classes in gardening, learn about medicinal plant sales, or to schedule a one-on-one garden consultation.