Our Herbalism & Ecosystems class starts with the verdant shoots of early spring and continues through the fungal wonders of autumn.

Each Saturday we will be in the field visiting different Northwest ecosystems and interacting with the plants that these places call home.  Along our journey, we will not only develop the botanical skills necessary to identify the plants that we work with, but we will also empower students with tools to identify plants encountered in the future.  We will ethically harvest, and each student will make wildcrafted medicine and prepare wild foods.  Most importantly in our quest for self-sufficiency, we will learn to have a relationship with the land and deepen our sense of place.

Sunday will be spent in the classroom and the kitchen in Southeast Portland.  We will learn the basics of Western medicinal herbalism, drawing from wise woman traditions as well as contemporary constitutional herbalism.  We will cover herbs by body system, make plant medicines together, and grow magical connections with the green world.  Our materia medica will focus on local remedies – classic garden medicinals, urban weeds, and the beautiful native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  We’ll harvest and process herbs to make a wide array of herbal medicines.  At the completion of the term, students will have the skills to forage and create their own plant medicines and use them with friends and family.

The Herbalism & Ecosystems course is taught by Gradey Proctor and Missy Rohs.  Both Missy and Gradey attend the classes, creating an intimate teacher:student ratio of 1:6.  The course meets ten weekends, March through October, for a total of 120 hours.

The total cost is $1600, and a discount is offered for pre-payment in full.  A payment plan is available.  There is a small scholarship available to students of color and LGBTQI students; please inquire for details.

Nettles (Urtica dioica) in the spring

Herbalism & Ecosystems 2018 dates:

March 24, 25
April 14, 15
May 5, 6
June 2, 3
June 23, 24
July 14, 15
August 4, 5
August 25, 26
September 15, 16
October 6, 7
Class is held from 10am-4pm all days.  On Saturday field trips, we'll carpool to our destination, which will add additional time to the day.


Herbalism & Ecosystems: Join us!

We are currently interviewing applicants to join the 2018 Herbalism & Ecosystems Program!  To request an interview, simply fill out this form.  We'll set up a time to sit down and answer your questions about the program, describe in greater detail what you'll learn, and cover the expectations we have of students in the program.