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Flowers, Fruits, & First Aid Series

This 4-week series can be taken on its own or combined with our longer Intro to Herbalism program (March-June 2020), our Winter Wellness, Winter Wildcrafting series (February 2020), and/or our Mushrooms & Adaptogens series (October 2020). Beginners and intermediate students are welcome.

Join Missy and Gradey as we delve into the medicines and practices of the season. Our outdoor classes will look into plant identification, demystifying flower structures, fruit structures, and habitat in our quest to ensure botanical certainty. We will enjoy the peak bloom and peak fruit in special locations on the mountain, basking in summer’s beauty. The healing properties of flowers and their intimate connection with the landscape will be a focus.

Our indoor classroom days will go further with flower medicine: We’ll make magical flower essences, use flowers for first aid remedies, and cover materia medica for sore muscles, wounds, and sprains/strains/breaks. In the kitchen, we’ll get hands-on, learning how to make herbal salves and stress-reducing plant medicines. Our conversations will explore practical and energetic ways to work medicinal plants into our lives, and everyone will take home medicine that we make in class.

Class will be held on four Saturdays, August 8-29, from 10am-4pm in SE Portland. On field trip days, we will meet as early as 8am to carpool to our destination, returning to town around 6pm. The course is $390 for all four sessions; discounts are available to those enrolled in the 2020 Intro to Herbalism program.