The Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies offers classes in herbal medicine, botanical identification, mushroom foraging, medicinal herb gardening, and more in and around Portland, Oregon.

At Arctos, we connect people to the natural world.  We teach our students to start seeing ecosystems: the ways that flora, fungi, and fauna live together and depend on each other in a dynamic environment.  We introduce our students to plants that they can build relationships with, that can become their friends and allies for life.  Most of all, we foster a sense of place, a feeling of connection with and stewardship of the land.

All the while, we want to connect people with each other, as well.  Our approach to herbalism is rooted in social justice, and we believe that empowered, loving communities are preventative medicine.  Providing practical healing knowledge about easy-to-obtain plants is one radical part of a multifaceted, ongoing struggle for justice.  You can reach for medicine in your kitchen cabinet or in an empty city lot once you know what to look for.

Our programs are intimate, with class sizes typically ranging from six to twelve students.  We have acommunity-based approach, encouraging students to engage in their own learning while supporting each other.  Meaningful interaction and practical experience are critical to us.  For us, plants trump power point – so come smell, taste, and experience the healing herbs with us!