Thanks to the many students who have been a part of our courses over the years! You teach us as much as we teach you. Here are some of the lovely words that have come from those who have taken our programs:

I feel empowered now to help myself and others with this huge amount of herbal knowledge that I’ve gained. I feel more connected to the landscape and the wonderful diversity of plant life we have here. I also leave [this course] with a deep sense of community. I love being surrounded by people who care about the earth, themselves, and each other in ways I don’t see a lot in my daily life.
— Randi M.
Arctos has changed my life. Thanks to Missy and Gradey, I will forever view the plant world with awe and excitement and anticipation of what new information lies just ahead. But most importantly, this class has reinforced my growing sense of the importance of slowing down and listening, watching, appreciating the beauty of the world around us, and communing with that world.
— Natalie V.
Field trips to Mt. Hood, Oregon, and other locales
Mushroom hunting and ID in the sun!
I cannot believe how much we have learned and how much we have yet to learn. I am leaving the Herbalism & Ecosystems program feeling like I have a community of radical plant lovers and healers and a more conscious sense of place. My time outside is so enriched by recognizing the individual plants that I walk among and my connection to people feels stronger because of the plant-person relationships that we cultivated.
— Paola S.
From games to medicine making, I like the sense of support, sharing, and community that was created. Gradey and Missy have fun and creative ways of teaching that help information stick with you.
— Sue Ellen L.
I’m leaving the Herbal Immersion Program with a sense of inspiration and fulfillment. I loved the variety of tinctures, salves, salts, etc., that we made. Camping was amazing! I can’t believe how much my skill set has grown.
— Linda R.
There’s just something to be said about someone physically handing you a plant and telling you about it! Something you can’t get from a book or the internet. Thanks so much for truly helping folks delve deeply into the world of herbs!
— Dallyse G.
Bear grass (Xerophyllum tenax) on an herbal hike