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Traditional Roots Conference

Missy is honored to be presenting at the Traditional Roots Conference this year!  She'll participate on the Clinical Case Panel: Shingles on Saturday, May 20.  The conference is at NUNM in SW Portland, and is an oft-overlooked gem in the herbal world!  Do check it out.

From the website:  "Traditional Roots Herbal Conference draws on clinical tradition and modern scientific research to offer the best of both worlds. Enrich your knowledge of materia medica, both for general conditions and as applied to clinical cases. We’ll have sessions covering herbal energetics, hands-on medicine making, clinical case reviews, bioregional herbalism, organoleptics and field applications.

"We welcome community herbalists, clinicians of all stripes and newcomers who use, or want to use, herbal prescriptions as key components to reclaiming health and easing disease."

To register, or for more information, visit the Traditional Roots website.