New Year, New Blog

Do you make new year's resolutions?  With the turn of the calendar, do you plant seeds, hatch ideas, or dig new foundations?

Honestly, I don't -- not usually.  I may give myself a pleasant directive to keep in mind -- see my friends more often, or get warmer socks.  But I don't usually count the beginning of January as my clean slate.

That makes it a little funny to be starting a blog right now.  But I'll take opportunities to create new endeavors whenever the time seems right.  As Gradey and I start our tenth year of teaching Herbalism & Ecosystems together, we've been solidifying our intentions and lightling a candle for a new cycle.  Over recent months, we've created a whole new course (the Herbal Immersion Program, if you're interested); polished and printed new brochures, and reflected on the amazing community of herbalists in Portland that we've had the honor of teaching thus far.

Heading into this new cycle, we feel a swelling of gratitude to our community -- our students, our teachers, our conference-organizing friends, our herbal enthusiasts and botany nerds.  Thanks for spreading the love of plant medicine.  Thanks for creating community and helping it grow.  May your 2016 be filled with health, learning, support, and lots of green!