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Crash Course with the Carrot Family

The carrot family or Apiaceae contains about a third of the plants in your spice rack, fabulous medicinals like angelica and osha, and many edible plants like carrots and celery. Unfortunately, this family also contains deadly poisons like water hemlock and poison hemlock!

This two-part class with Gradey is designed for folks with some botanical basics who want to delve deep into this tricky family. On Thursday evening from 4pm-8pm, we will meet in Portland to review basic botany, learn the traits for the carrot family, and meet some weedy members of that group. Then on Friday from 9am-6pm, we’ll circle the mountain ducking into high desert, meadow, and mountain forests to meet the many different genera of the family. Much of our discussion will be on how to ID this family by seed! In fact, participants will gather seeds from many species to create their own botany "dork box" as a learning tool to continue to explore the Apiaceae.

Class and carpool meeting spot are both located in SE Portland.

The cost is $100, sliding scale available. Registration required by August 17.

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